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hey....i just changed the livejournal site into russian. bitchin.


out of school for 3-4 days with the flu :(

i just took enough anti-biotics to kill a small cat.

i'll be back when the cat inside me dies or whatever.

don't leave your pitty in the form of an effing LJ comment! i swear i'll...kill your first born child or something. flowers and candy would be thuuuper;)
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What I am about to say is not pitty.

You're an idiot for skipping too many days of school. You're always skipping school. If you miss more then 15 .. which I bet you're close to .. then you'll be kicked out.
Anyways, if you miss less then 3 days of school you get to exempt exams. When you get kicked out, I'm gonna laugh in your face. Loser.

How's that for pitty.

I love you
pity pity pity....MY BUTT! it's been WAAAYYYY quieter at lunch without you. quite peaceful, actually. hahahaha JK. GET BETTER SOON J00 H0R. <3
Haha, since I don't see you to give you flowers, and I'm lacking a first born child, I'm going to give you pity...

Love ya!
No pity here. I hope you DIEEEEEEEE!!!

Not because you're sick. Because you left us, sir. Yeah, I'm still going on about that. Haha.
pity is spelled with one t. it's kind of like desert/dessert. you want more dessert than desert, so you use two s's for dessert (like cake) and one s for desert (sand).

so if you spell pity with two t's, i guess you want a buttload of pity. well, not here, son.

feel better! i'll make you a cake! or ... crack! or like in kenan and kel when they cure the common cold.
you don't get shit from me because i still don't have a birthday card from you, cunt bag.
BEANS! i hope you feel better. we should hang out once we both stop dying.
no fried chicken for you nigga!



for real man...dont tell me your still not going to school like in 8th grade?
i bet you aren't even sick, wierdo.