matt (kokoa_beans) wrote,

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tonight was java tropolis with geri, lauren, zac, lydia and kristy!

technically lydia and kristy work there, but no one was comming in, so we were having a blast

we were all sitting outside until eventually the random person came in for coffe and lyds went in to help them

we played scrabble (i owned), Geri kept cheating.

i gotta banana + strawberry smoothie (strawbana) and it made me have to pee

lauren took a total of an hour deciding what she wanted at different points in the night

geri stuck her finger up my nose

i accidently hit geri in the ha-ha

she taught me how to say "i farted" in bulgarian, but i forgot it

when lauren went to the bathroom, i ate some of her veggie-wrap

it tasted like grass

best night i've had in a while
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