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This play my (girl) friends auditioned for is SERIOUSLY under-cast for boys. Like, they need ten guys and only 2 auditioned. Then they threatened Remy, so he auditioned, so, 3 boys. SO, I told them to tell the director that if they’re totally screwed I would try out and audition. It is a musical. I just recorded myself singing, and I sound like a big fuckin bag of NASTY. GAH. Well, I guess I can only get better in a week. Right? We’ll see. Dani said she’s going to help me! Which means I have to be able to sing in front of her without laughing my ass off. Tee-hee, I get the giggles just thinking about it. Oh my. Well, at least I can (routine) dance well. Gracias, Dance Tree…And I think I act pretty well. And you don’t need a GOLDEN voice to get in, I mean, I can sing-talk really well, which is pretty much what the guys do anyways, only the girls do that crazy-ass vibrato shit. And Dani was pre-casted because she rocks so hard. You go girl.
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