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you put the black in....STEREOTYPE [17 Feb 2005|07:46pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

We had to do black history projects in 1st period and Jolissa did the first black serial killer, to show that you have to take ALL of history, the good AND the bad. And apparently to ms salter and every other black person in the room, only black slaves existed, NEVER black serial killers! They were all outraged and the teacher said “this makes me sick and I feel like I need to go home! I thought I was having a bad day YESTERDAY, but this is just totally wrong!” and then she said “this is a teachable moment, so I’m going to let ya’ll share your opinions on this.” (now, what that apparently means is, she’s going to let all the black people INSULT the SHIT out of Jolissa and agree with them.) going on the next few girls, one girl did her project on the black panther (AKA: a black power group, when if it was a white power group, someone would have been expelled on the spot) AND another girl did her project on a murder, and gave EVERY GOREY DETAIL (and there was more gore than you would believe) and no one thought it was “disgusting” and she gave Jolissa a referral, and sent her to the guidance office. (and off the record on this one: I happened to notice her being unusually rude to all the white members of the class)

I want to protest, but as juliana once said "i'm afraid i'll get some hammer to the eye!"

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I smell a fox... [13 Feb 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

that's Franka Potente, the hottest thing to come out of germany since hot crossed buns. And sour krout.

rent "the bourne identity/supremecy" and "run lola run" (german title is 'lola rennt')

P.S.: they're making a jurassic park 4. how many fucking islands with dinosaurs on them are there?

oh, and an indiana jones 4. steven speilberg can't leave well enough alone. i'll bet he'll film this with guns, only to remove them digitally right before it's released.

AND a live-action dragon ball z movie. wtf, no.

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hahahahaha [07 Feb 2005|01:12pm]
[ mood | hahahaha ]

MoJo Outs Cartoon Land

Merrie Melodies or just gay 'toons?

by Leora Broydo

Thank God the Rev. Jerry Falwell has stepped in to clean up children's television. Last week he outed Tinky Winky, from that perverted show the"Teletubbies," because, Falwell pronounced, the character is clearly a fount of gayness: He's purple, the gay color; he has an antenna shaped like a triangle, the gay symbol; and he carries a purse, something all gay people do.

But Falwell's work is far from over. You see, kiddy TV is downright rife with gayety. Heck, Toon Town is like one big circuit party and has been for years.

*** Fred Flintstone
Evidence: His nickname on the Bedrock bowling team: "Twinkle-toes Flintstone." The show's theme song ends "...we'll have a gay old time!" Wears an orange dress with little triangles on it. Hangs out with Barney far more than Wilma.

*** Bugs Bunny
Evidence: Often stands with hand on hip. Plays a hairdresser in one episode. Frequently dresses in drag. Loves to throw on a top hat and tails and belt out Broadway show-tunes with his buddy Daffy -- who, it's worth noting, has a lisp.
[King Daevid notes: Ms. Broydo omits Bugs' history of kissing Elmer Fudd on the lips; Roger Rabbit is also seen kissing Eddie Valiant in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?]

*** Velma (of Scooby Doo)
Evidence: Always tries to sit next to Daphne in the Mystery Machine. Sports that butch haircut. Has broad shoulders and wears thick turtleneck-sweaters and knee socks. Never once shagged Shaggy.

*** Popeye
Evidence: Eats lots of salad. Wears a sailor suit, even though he hasn't been on a ship in years. Does little sailor-dances. Dates a flat-chested transvestite named Olive Oyl. Best friend named Wimpy.

*** Batman and Robin
Evidence: Robin's nickname: Boy Wonder. Batman's real name: Bruce. Both wear tights. They're in great shape. They like to show each other their "grappling hooks."

*** Peppermint Patty
Evidence: Has a deep, gravelly voice. Wears pants, not dresses like the other Peanuts gals. Plays a mean game of football. Likes to taunt Charlie Brown. Always hanging out with that androgynous Marcie. Wears comfortable shoes.

Nickname: Sir.

*** The Pink Panther
'Nuff said

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yyeaaah, i do stuff like this when i'm sick. [07 Feb 2005|12:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

this weekend was funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

from SNL:

"A Doctor at a local airport was stopped on Sunday, because human remains were found in his luggage. "They're teaching tools," claimed the doctor, "teach that bitch to cheat on me!"


*Roger the alien sits down at the table, takes a doughnut, and his chair breaks. No body moves*
Roger the Alien: “Don’t everybody rush to help at once!”

Francine: “You have put on a little weight, Roger…”

Roger the Alien: “Well, I’m sorry we can’t all look like those anorexic aliens from the James Cameron movies!”

Francine: “I’m putting you on a diet, no more sweets.” *Takes the doughnut out of his hand*

Roger the Alien: “No! Not my sweets!” *Crawls on top of the table with the rest of the doughnuts* “Don’t take them away!” *Table breaks* “…Oh God I have a bear claw up my ass”


*At Midnight, Roger the Alien is digging through the kitchen cabinets to find sweets. But nocks over a glass jar*

Stan: “Did you hear that!” *pulls out guns* “where’s your machete!”

Francine: “Oh Stan, I really don’t think I need a –”


Francine: *pulls out machetes from under her pillow*

*Stan slowly sneaks around the living room down stairs when he hears a noise*

Stan: “Osama, is that you?” *He hears the noise again and fires wildly into the air, then he turns the lights on to discover he’s shot his sons dog. *

Stan: “Oh my god! I shot the dog!”

Roger the Alien: “And don’t ask me to bring him back with that E.T. finger thing cuz that’s a giant load of crap.”


*Roger the Alien helps Steve get a date in exchange for giving him sweets*

Roger the Alien: “Oh, Steve, Kudos on the biotch.”

Steve: “Thanks Roger!”

Roger the Alien: “No Problem. But if you expect to get any boob I’m gonna need a but load of twinkies.”

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[03 Feb 2005|08:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey....i just changed the livejournal site into russian. bitchin.


out of school for 3-4 days with the flu :(

i just took enough anti-biotics to kill a small cat.

i'll be back when the cat inside me dies or whatever.

don't leave your pitty in the form of an effing LJ comment! i swear i'll...kill your first born child or something. flowers and candy would be thuuuper;)

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[26 Jan 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

new layout, holler back :)

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[01 Jan 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | heh heh, horny penguin ]

it's official: i'm the biggest looser alive, i just celebrated new years with........my dog. at home. alone. and that bitch wouldn't even kiss me!



^that's my 'my space'

happy new yearblahblahblah

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[30 Dec 2004|10:12pm]
tonight was java tropolis with geri, lauren, zac, lydia and kristy!

technically lydia and kristy work there, but no one was comming in, so we were having a blast

we were all sitting outside until eventually the random person came in for coffe and lyds went in to help them

we played scrabble (i owned), Geri kept cheating.

i gotta banana + strawberry smoothie (strawbana) and it made me have to pee

lauren took a total of an hour deciding what she wanted at different points in the night

geri stuck her finger up my nose

i accidently hit geri in the ha-ha

she taught me how to say "i farted" in bulgarian, but i forgot it

when lauren went to the bathroom, i ate some of her veggie-wrap

it tasted like grass

best night i've had in a while
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[27 Dec 2004|09:26pm]
Loud Black Kid = LBK
Japanese convienice store clerk- JC

LBK: Bitch, i want my motherfuckin money back.

JC: You only gave me five dollars!

LBK: I gave you twenty motherfuckin dollars!

JC: No, you you didn't, you only gave me five dollars.

LBK: No I gave you twenty, i ain't gonna sit here and argue with yo fat ass face, ho girl. I want my fuckin change back.

JC: Go home, you only gave me five dollars! you not gonna get change back!

LBK: You know what's the thing about ya'll chinese mothafuckas?

JC: chinese?! me no chinese me is japanese!(rambles in japanese)

LBK: home girl, don't be talkin dat little japanese shit over here, this is america. i'ma blow this mothafucka up if i don't get my mothafuckin change.

JC: (more japanese) go home!

LBK: homegirl, talk english, not this japanese shit!

JC: homeboy go home!

LBK: ho, i ain't leavin nowhere 'till i get my mothafuckin change.

JC: (japanese rambling)

LBK: (makes fun of japanese)-my ass! i want my fuckin change!

JC: neegga go home! go home! talka to hand!

LBK: talka to hand my ass, homegirl.

JC: talka to hand!

LBK: gimmie my fuckin change, i ain't playin

don't know what i'm talking about? IM me. you will see. it is AWESOME.
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i'm such a good christian. [27 Dec 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

God I hate you.

you're so ugly. let it go

no amount of make-up is going to cover your hideous face.
grow up. move on.

and if you're really so depressed, so depressed you're always alone, and sulking for attention, then just kill yourself already.

if you can't do it right, buy yourself a gun.

you know who you are

this is the most angry i've ever been in my entire life.

p.s. danny rocks.

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[21 Dec 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i just wanted to see what an artistic penguin looks like

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[19 Dec 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | cold ]

My list of OCD's. I hope i didn't leave any out! come on, we all have them. LIST YOURS!

* Touching doorknobs/walls four times.

* Not stepping on sidewalk cracks.

* Lead with right foot when walking, and then switch to left when it feels right.

* Taking four sips of any drink at one time. (First two little ones, then one big one that I split up into two when it’s in my mouth.)

* Covering my hand with my hoodie sleeve before I touch public things.

* Associate names with other nouns.

* Chew food on each side of mouth even number of times before swallowing.

*Hit snooze button four times

* Rub paper between thumb and forefinger four times before turning the page.

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[11 Dec 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | nervous ]


This play my (girl) friends auditioned for is SERIOUSLY under-cast for boys. Like, they need ten guys and only 2 auditioned. Then they threatened Remy, so he auditioned, so, 3 boys. SO, I told them to tell the director that if they’re totally screwed I would try out and audition. It is a musical. I just recorded myself singing, and I sound like a big fuckin bag of NASTY. GAH. Well, I guess I can only get better in a week. Right? We’ll see. Dani said she’s going to help me! Which means I have to be able to sing in front of her without laughing my ass off. Tee-hee, I get the giggles just thinking about it. Oh my. Well, at least I can (routine) dance well. Gracias, Dance Tree…And I think I act pretty well. And you don’t need a GOLDEN voice to get in, I mean, I can sing-talk really well, which is pretty much what the guys do anyways, only the girls do that crazy-ass vibrato shit. And Dani was pre-casted because she rocks so hard. You go girl.

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[30 Nov 2004|05:17pm]
Я звезда, ты звезда.
Нас приказано сжечь.
Кто-то сдал и достал
Адреса наших встреч.
Потолки по глазам
И никто не найдет.
Соскользнут голоса,
И сломается лед.
И ничья без ключа,
И могила постель.
И пора выключать,
И они на хвосте.
Улыбнись, развяжи,
Занавесь зеркала.
Разорви и скажи,
Умерла, умерла.
Замыкай и лжи.
Становись никакой.
И рука не дрожит.
Все в порядке с рукой.
Можно мстить.
2 х 2.
На такси и соси,
А простить никогда,
Никогда не проси.
Хорошо, хорошо.
Я придумала месть.
Порошок все что есть.
Умножаю на шесть.
Не звони, не звони.
Я устала, я устала.
Я тебя не хочу,
Ты меня [ пип ]

I am a star, you are a star
Our will is to burn
Someone gave up and got
The address of our meeting
Covers over our eyes
And noone could be found.
Our voices trail off
And the ice breaks.
And none are without a key,
[For] the bed is the grave.
And it is time to turn away
They are on [our] backs
Smile, unleash [yourself]
Curtain the mirrors
You break and tell me
[she] died, died.
Lock and become
Nothing [shall] stand
And [my] hands are not trembling
All is well with [my] hands--
Vengeance may be had
[I am] in the taxi and you suck
But [I will] never forgive
[Don't you] ever beg.
Ok, ok.
I create [my] vengeance.
Powder is all that is left
[I] multiply by six
Don't call [me], don't call
I got tired, I got tired
I don't want you
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[27 Nov 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


i got served.

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[26 Nov 2004|10:02pm]
[ mood | cracked-up ]


first, we got picked up in the hummer limo and OWNED the road until we got to Q-zar. THEN when we pulled into the parking lot i was like "holy crap! some dude is filming the limo!"...yeah, it turned out to be Aimees dad.

THEN we played lazer tag, and my team ( Aimee, matt, Kevin, Zac, Leeron and some other strange kid. go green team!) won because we had all the HALO freaks, haha.

THEN we went to eat (power rangers) cake and open presents, and then a cake fight happened between Aimee, Mikayla, Me, and Matt. cake EVERYWHERE, on the walls, floors, tables, in our hair, hahaha. fyi: mikayla gave me a thorough cake ass-whoopin, i woudn't recommend going up against her. i still have cake in my hair.

THEN we went back to laser tag and my team was: Aimee, Matt, Kevin, Zac, Leeron, Mikayla, and another strange kid. and again, we DOMINATED, because in addition to the halo-freaks and the rest of the winning team, we also had mikayla who was the other teams highest score-er. then we took an ass-load of pictures.

and THEN we walked to the bowling alley! i was with gina the whole way, and we had a taunting contest with matt and leeron. we so won. then at the bowling alley, my team was: Me, JT, Mikayla, Zac, and Kevin. we sucked horribly, but we had the most spirit! we had a reputation for gutter-balls(me, mikayl, JT, kevin) hitting down ONE pin (mikayla) hitting down all the pins EXCEPT one (me, kevin, jt) and not being able to knock-down this one fucking pin we SWEAR was glued to the ground. (all of us) and the only one who kept not fucking-up was zac because he had some kind of mutant curve ball. we all cheated our asses off anyways.

THEN when THAT was over i played DDR with Mikayla where we rocked at it, coleen where we rocked at it, and then with Leeron where we SUCKED at it, and then once more with leeron where we rocked at it. then it was time to go.

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[17 Nov 2004|05:40pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

oh. my. EFFING. GEE.

"don't ask, don't tell"? how fuking DARE they tell someone it's ok to die for their hypocritical country, but they can't be who they are? GAH. anyway, time for a (long) quote:

Gay culture seems to be ever present these days. There are a myriad of television shows: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Boy Meets Boy, Will and Grace, Queer as Folk. Madonna and Britney practice a little lesbian action on the VMAs. Interior designers are the new rock stars, and gay is the new straight. But there is a co-opting of the culture here, as the mainstream society robs the jewels of queer community, like better window treatments and the importance of a multi-step skincare regimen, but there is still an egregious lack of equality. It seems like gays and lesbians can do all the things that straight people can do, society is saying "You are ok just as you are, just don't try to get married or anything!" It's like when whites stole rock and roll from blacks in the 50's and the kids were all dancing to Little Richard. We love your music, but please don't use that drinking fountain.

You can go to Las Vegas, get married by an Elvis impersonator, in a drive thru, and be driven in a hearse to have a reception in a graveyard. But you have to be straight in order to do so. That is why I don't buy the argument that marriage is a sacred act between a man and a woman. Sacred? Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman got married. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Liza Minelli and David Gest. Liza Minelli and Peter Allen. Actually, Liza seems to be marrying all the gays.

The disparity of rights between heterosexual married couples and domestic 'partners' is no small number. 1049 federal rights are denied gay and lesbian couples because of their second class status in the area of holy matrimony. These range from the outrageous, like limitations in adopting children, even the tragedy of orphaned children being taken from foster care because the parents were gay, to the idiotic, like no family discounts for gays in national parks. They don't care how many times you play "We are Family" by Sister Sledge. You are still paying full price.

Yet at the same time, gays and lesbians are required to pay the same taxes as every other citizen. There is not any type of compensation given, for the lack of freedoms that keep the queer community at a loss. If the amendment banning gay marriage is actually passed, then it would be the first time that the constitution would be amended specifically to deny the rights of a specific minority, which frankly is downright unconstitutional. The argument is ludicrous. Same sex couples should have the ability to get married by Elvis, just like everyone else.

--Margaret Cho--

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[13 Nov 2004|09:39pm]

just click it....


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[10 Nov 2004|06:17pm]
...a town in ohio had 628 voters...

that same town had 4,000 votes for bush.

you know what? i admire bush for this one. if he has enough strings to pull so he can rig an election, he surely has enough resources to know where osama is.

oh, and p.s.:

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[05 Nov 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

a quiz from august...i'll put a star after the ones taht have changed.


1.What do you most like about your body?: my eyes

2. And least?: my…fat?

3. How many fillings do you have?: 0

4. Do you think you're good looking?: I have my days.

5. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: my grand ma.*

[ Fashion ]

1. Do you wear a watch?: never.

2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: my beloved KITTIE hoodie.

3. Favorite pants/skirt color?: Dickies.

4. Most expensive items of clothing?: my beloved hoodie was like $45…

5. What kind of shoes do you wear?: globes.

6. Describe your style in one word: oh jeez, uuhhh, “predictably-alternative” …what? It’s hyphenated…

[ Your Friends ]

1. Do your friends 'know' you?: yes

2. What do they tend to be like?: freaking crazy.

3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: VERY accepting. You have no idea

4. How many people do you tell everything to?: I’m not shy about anything to my friends.

[ Music/TV/Film/Books ]

2. Most listened to bands/artists: KITTIE!

3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: Mikey from Coal Chamber, and a few from this one band I REFUSE to mention.

4. Can you play an instrument: drums very well. A little guitar.

5. Type of music most listened to?: Metal.

6. Type never listened to?: umm, polka..

7. Tour of your dreams?: Kittie, My Ruin, Jack off Jill, Garbage, Coal Chamber.

[ Clothing/Hair ]

1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: nope.

2. Do you own Converse shoes?: NO!.

3. Do you own Saucony shoes?: no.

4. Do you own old school Nikes?: nope.

5. Do you wear tight pants?: noooooooo.

6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants?: no. I’m not a mall goth.

8. Do you own a messenger bag?: nope.

9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest? N/A/

10. Do you have braces?: nope.

15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: depends on the person.

18. Do you own a bandana?: nope.

19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: no, no piercings.

21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: I can sew well enough to never need duct tape for something like that.

22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them?: nope.

[ Habits/Beliefs ]

31. Do you smoke cigarettes?: nope.

32. Do you smoke cloves?: nope.

36. Do your night time activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting?: nope.

38. Do you wash your hair less than once a week?: about every other day.

39. Have you ever gone a week without a shower?: nope.

41. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is?: nope.

42. Do you like Mr. Kerouac?: ? …yes.

44. Are you a member of the Makeout Club?: no.

45. Do you say "rad"?: nope.

46. Do you say "rockin'"?: haaaaaaaaaaaaaano.

47. Do you say punk "rawk"? NO!

48. Do you shout the word "oi"?: nope.

49. Do you say "punk's not dead"?: no.

50. Do you say "punk is dead"?: yes.

[ Music ]

53. Do you like bands with "the"?: no. not at ALL.*(the donnas, and that's IT)

54. Do you ever precede your own name with "the" at the beginning?: no.

55.Are Blink 182 fans posers?: I think people who call people ‘posers’ are ‘posers’. If that makes any sense.

58. Do you have frequent debates over what exactly constitutes a sellout?: no, it’s pretty easy to explain.

59. Have you ever brought the headlining band food?: no…just lust, hahaha.

60. Do you have show flyers affixed to your walls?: KITTIE

[ Basics ]

Name: Matt…shouldn’t this have been the first question?

Do you like it?: not now that I’m at blake and everyone has it. Oh well, my geometry teacher thinks my name is “alejandro” any way

Nicknames: Matt, Kokoa Beans, Alexander.

Age: 15

Birthday: December 7

Sign: Sagittarius

School: Blake

Status: does that mean single or not? I’m single.

Virgin?: yes…

Current hair color: brown

Eye color: hazel

Height: 5'11

Shoe size: 8

[ favorites ]

Color: blue.

Sport: ummm, EXTREME boredom.

Class: creative writing

Radio Station: I don’t really like the radio, I liked star 95.7 before it changed into r&b.

[ love and relationships ]

Do you have a bf/gf?: nope.

Do you have a crush?: oddly, no.**

How long have you liked him/her? MO’FUCKA’ I DONE TOLD YOU!

How long was your longest relationship?: 27 days.

How long was your shortest relationship?: umm, 27 days.

Who was your first love?: Josh…motherfucker.

[sexual orientation:] gay.

[how long since last serious relationship:] 61 days.**

[ever had a long distance relationship:] I’m not even going to go there.

[do you have faith in long distance relationships:] not anymore. Good luck if you’re in one.

[on dates do you pay or get paid for:] I’ve never been on one of those kinds of dates before.**

[ever been on a blind date:] kind of. I knew him through a friend, and we talked on AIM a lot, then decided to meet in person.**(that was talking about josh)

[ever dated more than one person at a time:] no.

[ever have "friends with benefits":] yeah.

[ever cheated:] no.

[ever had your heart broken:] yes, but I found out if you turn your sadness into blinding rage, it’s much easier

[ever been dumped:] yes, buy the first and last(so far!)

[number of people slept with:] 0

[do you kiss on the first date:] haven’t so far, and I now have this fear of rushing, so I don’t plan to.**

[what attracts you to a person:] uniqueness without trying so hard, SENSE OF HUMOR.

[physical traits you turn your head for:] nice body?

[ever been in love:] I don’t know, what I thought was love turned out not to be, so I have no idea.

[say I love you even though you didn't mean it:] no.

[average age you get involved with:] 17

[have relationships changed you:] not plural.

[have your relationships been worthwhile:] I don’t even know.

[where do you normally meet people for dating or relationships:] anywhere.

[would you ever get married:] would I ever be able to?

[key to a successful relationship:] hmmm, not being a lying motherfucker who leads people on, then pulls the “rug” out from underneath them. Yep, that’s it.


Wallet? I don’t’ carry a wallet, I can hold money in my pocket, and i don’t have cards to put in it.

Hairbrush? It’s blue, I love blue.

Toothbrush? Blue.

Jewelry worn daily? I don’t wear jewlry.

Pillow cover? OUTTER SPACE!

Blanket? My outer space comforter, and the bear blanket I’ve had since birth.

Coffee cup? Non?

Sunglasses? I don’t wear them.

Underwear? Is for suckers. ;)

Favorite shirt? My KITTIE one.

Cologne/Perfume? I don’t wear it, it burns my skin for some reason, but I like the smell of it on guys.

CD in stereo right now? TRUSTKILL records compilation.(**obviously...)

Tattoos? I will never get a tattoo.

Piercings? None…I think a labret would be nice though, what do you think?

what you are wearing now? grey dickies, and my LWW cast t-shirt.(**obviously...)

In my mouth? Taste of coke(-a-cola).**

In my head? “burning bridges” lyrics.**

Wishing? I had a bajillion dollars?

What are you doing after this? Wtf…doing this survey…

Person you wish you could see right now? I don’t want to answer this.

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