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you put the black in....STEREOTYPE

We had to do black history projects in 1st period and Jolissa did the first black serial killer, to show that you have to take ALL of history, the good AND the bad. And apparently to ms salter and every other black person in the room, only black slaves existed, NEVER black serial killers! They were all outraged and the teacher said “this makes me sick and I feel like I need to go home! I thought I was having a bad day YESTERDAY, but this is just totally wrong!” and then she said “this is a teachable moment, so I’m going to let ya’ll share your opinions on this.” (now, what that apparently means is, she’s going to let all the black people INSULT the SHIT out of Jolissa and agree with them.) going on the next few girls, one girl did her project on the black panther (AKA: a black power group, when if it was a white power group, someone would have been expelled on the spot) AND another girl did her project on a murder, and gave EVERY GOREY DETAIL (and there was more gore than you would believe) and no one thought it was “disgusting” and she gave Jolissa a referral, and sent her to the guidance office. (and off the record on this one: I happened to notice her being unusually rude to all the white members of the class)

I want to protest, but as juliana once said "i'm afraid i'll get some hammer to the eye!"
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