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I smell a fox...

that's Franka Potente, the hottest thing to come out of germany since hot crossed buns. And sour krout.

rent "the bourne identity/supremecy" and "run lola run" (german title is 'lola rennt')

P.S.: they're making a jurassic park 4. how many fucking islands with dinosaurs on them are there?

oh, and an indiana jones 4. steven speilberg can't leave well enough alone. i'll bet he'll film this with guns, only to remove them digitally right before it's released.

AND a live-action dragon ball z movie. wtf, no.
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Dragon Ball Z, i have to say, sucks dragon balls

and is as lame as the coomet i jus made lmao
ahahah, niiiiiiice
She is adorable.
Run Lola Run = best movie everrrrrrrrrrrr.
tru dizzat :)
Wow....Steven defiently needs to get over are exsinct.....Sorry Steve......Harrison Ford is old.....sorry steven.....and Dragon Ball Z.......was......>>>vomits<<< AHHH! HORRIBLE! EWWWW! Who would degrade themselves to play those stoopid characters!?.......The only thing more degrading than that would be if they were all naked......>>>shudders violently<<<

i wonder if they'll have that weird cartoon hair they had on the show, you know, the kind that defied gravity and stuff
lol...I don't know.........but that movie should be shot in its oogly face! Dumb they actually think it will go over well!? The critics will basically shit on them! And only like 2 kids will kinda want to see it.....meh......ok....rant =

you under-estimate teh DBZ fans. ...i think there are about 5 of them now!
Hey, I guess I'm a big loser, but here goes: I started a graphics community, with icons and banners, you know. I just made some narnia ones. I saw that you had the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe under your interests, so I thought maybe you should check it out. mydefjamshirt I am sorry for the spam, but I'm just trying to let people know. If you want I will delete this comment, just ask. Sorry for the spam.

PS, You look a bit like Franka Potente. I can't remember the name, but I saw her in a movie with Elija Wood, and I loved it.
bitchin :) i'll check it out now, and thanks for the compliment!