matt (kokoa_beans) wrote,

Loud Black Kid = LBK
Japanese convienice store clerk- JC

LBK: Bitch, i want my motherfuckin money back.

JC: You only gave me five dollars!

LBK: I gave you twenty motherfuckin dollars!

JC: No, you you didn't, you only gave me five dollars.

LBK: No I gave you twenty, i ain't gonna sit here and argue with yo fat ass face, ho girl. I want my fuckin change back.

JC: Go home, you only gave me five dollars! you not gonna get change back!

LBK: You know what's the thing about ya'll chinese mothafuckas?

JC: chinese?! me no chinese me is japanese!(rambles in japanese)

LBK: home girl, don't be talkin dat little japanese shit over here, this is america. i'ma blow this mothafucka up if i don't get my mothafuckin change.

JC: (more japanese) go home!

LBK: homegirl, talk english, not this japanese shit!

JC: homeboy go home!

LBK: ho, i ain't leavin nowhere 'till i get my mothafuckin change.

JC: (japanese rambling)

LBK: (makes fun of japanese)-my ass! i want my fuckin change!

JC: neegga go home! go home! talka to hand!

LBK: talka to hand my ass, homegirl.

JC: talka to hand!

LBK: gimmie my fuckin change, i ain't playin

don't know what i'm talking about? IM me. you will see. it is AWESOME.
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