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first, we got picked up in the hummer limo and OWNED the road until we got to Q-zar. THEN when we pulled into the parking lot i was like "holy crap! some dude is filming the limo!"...yeah, it turned out to be Aimees dad.

THEN we played lazer tag, and my team ( Aimee, matt, Kevin, Zac, Leeron and some other strange kid. go green team!) won because we had all the HALO freaks, haha.

THEN we went to eat (power rangers) cake and open presents, and then a cake fight happened between Aimee, Mikayla, Me, and Matt. cake EVERYWHERE, on the walls, floors, tables, in our hair, hahaha. fyi: mikayla gave me a thorough cake ass-whoopin, i woudn't recommend going up against her. i still have cake in my hair.

THEN we went back to laser tag and my team was: Aimee, Matt, Kevin, Zac, Leeron, Mikayla, and another strange kid. and again, we DOMINATED, because in addition to the halo-freaks and the rest of the winning team, we also had mikayla who was the other teams highest score-er. then we took an ass-load of pictures.

and THEN we walked to the bowling alley! i was with gina the whole way, and we had a taunting contest with matt and leeron. we so won. then at the bowling alley, my team was: Me, JT, Mikayla, Zac, and Kevin. we sucked horribly, but we had the most spirit! we had a reputation for gutter-balls(me, mikayl, JT, kevin) hitting down ONE pin (mikayla) hitting down all the pins EXCEPT one (me, kevin, jt) and not being able to knock-down this one fucking pin we SWEAR was glued to the ground. (all of us) and the only one who kept not fucking-up was zac because he had some kind of mutant curve ball. we all cheated our asses off anyways.

THEN when THAT was over i played DDR with Mikayla where we rocked at it, coleen where we rocked at it, and then with Leeron where we SUCKED at it, and then once more with leeron where we rocked at it. then it was time to go.
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